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Robotics Challenge


We invite robotics startups to collaborate with us in addressing the following challenges and shaping the future of robotics in industrial environments. Together, we can drive innovation, improve safety, and unlock new opportunities in the field of robotics and automation.
Apply now to be part of this exciting journey with our partners.


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Gain visibility by tapping into a network of 300+ industrial partners in Israel and abroad.

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Test your technology with a POC customized to meet industry needs, with success criteria defined by our partners to open the door to strategic partnerships

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Get the support you need from our experts in order to take your startup to the market

The winners will get into the 8th batch of the Quantum SPARK PoC runway program


Challenge 1: Flexible and Tactile Automation

Enabling automated production of various products, regardless of volume or complexity, through adaptable robotics.

Challenge 3: Automated Inspection Processes in Manufacturing

Enhancing manufacturing efficiency through AI-driven automated inspection processes, ensuring product quality and minimizing production downtime.

Challenge 5: Dynamic Software Solutions for Robotic Adaptation

Empowering robots to adapt autonomously in real-time, enhancing automation capabilities beyond pre-programmed commands.

Challenge 7: Piping Condition Under Insulation Inspection

Robotic technologies for accurate inspection of pipelines under insulation, optimizing maintenance.

Challenge 9: Robotic Operation in Closed and Defined Spaces

Enhancing robotics connectivity and autonomy for seamless navigation and task execution in closed and defined Spaces.

Challenge 2: Robotic Proactive Leak Detection

Robotic systems to detect leaks early, preventing environmental damage and ensuring compliance.

Challenge 4: Explosion-Protected Drones and Robots

innovative robotics solutions for safe operation in hazardous environments, focusing on explosion protection measures.

Challenge 6: Autonomous Movements within Factories

Optimizing internal logistics in industrial facilities through autonomous material handling solutions, improving efficiency and safety.

Challenge 8: Underground Infrastructures Mapping

Advancing mapping technologies for underground infrastructures to enhance planning and execution of maintenance and construction operations.

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If none of the challenges align with your capabilities, we encourage you to register for the Quantum SPARK program. SPARK is a 13-week Proof of Concept (PoC) runway program designed to connect startups with our partners, world-class leading corporations, and expedite business collaborations and commercialization processes. Focused on MVP+ startups in Automotive, Energy, Logistics, and Industry 4.0, SPARK seeks startups with the vision and potential to bring cutting-edge technologies to market and shape the future.


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